Louisa Harvey (Founder and Head of Human Factors) based in the UK.


Founded Harvey Medical Consulting in 2012, having worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for over 15 years. She is passionate about usability of medical devices and, in 2018, co-founded Medical Human Factors Network whose mission is to raise the bar of human factors work in the UK. Louisa spends time both in the UK office and The Netherland's office.


Louisa also regularly presents at international conferences on the subject of device usability and ethics. Louisa has an MSc in Industrial Pharmaceutical Science and is an accomplished moderator, facilitating on average 600 interviews a year. Her project experience spans across many different products areas, from hand-held autoinjectors through to large surgical systems. Louisa’s personable, can-do attitude and determination to get to the bottom of clients’ business questions, ensure that every project is a success!​


Alper Hulusi (Head of Market Research) based in the UK.


Joined Harvey Medical in early 2020 and brings with him over 25 years of experience as a specialist qualitative researcher. Following his Masters degree in Sociology of Education, his career began as a Social Policy Researcher working at the National Centre for Social Research, TNS-BMRB, a decade as a freelance qualitative researcher, and then as Research Director at Creative Medical Research. 

Alper’s experience and expertise span many diverse areas, having specialised in medical devices research for almost a decade.  Alper’s skilful moderation, project design and insights have facilitated some of the top medical device manufacturers to better understand how to design, develop and market their devices.  His expertise span across the entire product development lifecycle, form early stage ideation through to post-market insight, working in partnership with clients to ensure their business objectives are always met.  

Nicola Foreman.jpg

Nicola (Head of Operations) based in the UK.


Nicola joined Harvey Medical in 2021 as Operations Manager. Nicola has over 20 years’ experience in office and event management within the pharmaceutical industry.

Nicola will be the first point of contact for any queries, will manage the logistics for all studies and events. Nicola’s dedicated approach and high standards will ensure all aspects of projects are run smoothly and efficiently.



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Natalie (Principal Human Factors Specialist) based in the Netherlands.


Natalie joined Harvey Medical in 2021 and has many years’ experience in usability engineering as it applies to medical devices. This primarily consists of managing client documentation and HFE timelines as they relate to the wider development process for a device.


Uniquely, Natalie enjoys use-related risk analysis and task analysis(!), stating these activities are the pinnacle of an adequately tailored usability engineering process. Natalie has a BSc from Loughborough university in Human Factors and is currently a member of the BSI and ISO committees that oversee standards related to risk management of medical devices.


Becky (Human Factors and Market Research Specialist) based in the UK.


Becky joined Harvey Medical in 2020. She provides clients with moderation, observation, reporting, documentation, as well as project management.


Becky found her passion for qualitative research through her degree, graduating from the University of Leeds with a BA in Sociology. The degree taught her the fundamentals and importance of ethics and research. Becky is passionate about improving medical devices and establishing unmet needs.


Becky has completed multiple courses, including The Human Factors and Usability Engineering File and The Art of Moderation. She has also worked for another Cambridge-based design and development consultancy, providing Human Factors research, Market research and usability engineering file documentation.

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Robin (Medical Human Factors Researcher) based in the UK.


Robin joined Harvey Medical in 2021, and now helps the team with participant engagement, data collection through observation, and reporting. She is bilingual, speaking both English and German. Her BSc in Psychology from the University of Birmingham has provided her with an extensive research skillset and understanding of ethical practice, as well as a passion for helping others through research.


She further developed these skills conducting primary data research with Huntington’s Disease patients during her MSc in Clinical Neuropsychiatry, while also gaining comprehensive understanding of conditions ranging from epilepsy and sleep disorders to neurodegenerative disease.


She strives for the highest quality in her work and is motivated to continue learning within the Human Factors landscape in order to improve patients’ lives.


Amy (Participant Engagement Manager) based in the UK.


Amy leads our team of recruiters at Harvey Medical, ensuring quotas are reached for every project. She enjoys engaging with patient support groups and has a huge network of Healthcare Professionals.


Aside from Harvey Medical, Amy is a Sheep Farmer. At the age of 15 Amy celebrated beating hundreds of experienced farmers to become a top sheepdog handler. Amy brings with her an amazingly fresh and can-do attitude.


Nathan (Human Factors Researcher) based in the UK.


Nathan joined Harvey Medical in 2022, and provides assistance with moderation, observing, reporting, documentation and research, with an emphasis on HFE regulation of medical devices.


Nathan studied at the University of Oxford, where, during his MSc research project, he designed a microchannelled neural interface for the peripheral nervous system. This gave him a strong research ethic, a clarity of thought when it comes to report writing, and a true insight into the world of medical device design.


He is passionate to learn more about Human Factors, and to use his skills to improve the usability of medical devices, and the patient lives.


Diana (Viewing Facility Manager) based in the UK.


Diana joined Harvey Medical in May 2022. Diana received a Masters Degree at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Odessa National University (Ukraine). Diana has been a digital marketing specialist for over 15 years, specialising in human-centered marketing. Due to this creative flare, Diana successfully helps to create a warm, cosy yet business-like atmosphere for participants and clients of Harvey Medical!


Diana is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. Since arriving in the UK earlier this year, Diana has been awarded a Google Scholarship in the field of UX-design.