Louisa Harvey (Founder and Technical Director) founded Harvey Medical Consulting in 2012, having worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for over 15 years. She is passionate about usability of medical devices and, in 2018, co-founded Medical Human Factors Network whose mission is to raise the bar of human factors work in the UK.  Louisa also regularly presents at international conferences on the subject of device usability and ethics. Louisa has an MSc in Industrial Pharmaceutical Science and is an accomplished moderator, facilitating on average 600 interviews a year. Her project experience spans across many different products areas, from hand-held autoinjectors through to large surgical systems. Louisa’s personable, can-do attitude and determination to get to the bottom of clients’ business questions, ensure that every project is a success!


Alper Hulusi (Managing Director) joined Harvey Medical in early 2020 and brings with him over 25 years of experience as a specialist qualitative researcher. Following his Masters degree in Sociology of Education, his career began as a Social Policy Researcher working at the National Centre for Social Research, TNS-BMRB, a decade as a freelance qualitative researcher, and then as Research Director at Creative Medical Research. 


Alper’s experience and expertise span many diverse areas, having specialised in medical devices research for almost a decade.  Alper’s skilful moderation, project design and insights have facilitated some of the top medical device manufacturers to better understand how to design, develop and market their devices.  His expertise span across the entire product development lifecycle, form early stage ideation through to post-market insight, working in partnership with clients to ensure their business objectives are always met.  


Sheldon Pijpers (Usability Director) based in our Utrecht office.


An experienced and skilled medical device human factors consultant, Sheldon is bi-lingual and as such can moderate human factors session in English or Dutch. Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Human Centred Multimedia from the University of Amsterdam, Sheldon went onto work for UL in Utrecht, and later contracted for Philips, and has been a part of the Harvey Medical team since early 2019.


Widely respected in the industry, and our summative/validation study expert, Sheldon ensures projects are conducted to the highest standard, leaving no stone uncovered. 


Julie (Senior Human Factors and Market Research Specialist) joined Harvey Medical in 2014 and is a very experienced member of the team, providing clients with expert moderation, observation and reporting, as well as second to none project management.


Julie’s passion for qualitative research is immediately evident, as well as her particular interest in researching vulnerable populations. Julie’s early academic background, having graduated from the University of York with a BA in English, makes her an expert report writer, providing clients with concise, insight-packed and actionable written and verbal findings.


Chris (Human Factors and Market Research Specialist) has been working within the medical device usability testing and quality management field for the past seven years. She previously worked for Medical Device Usability (now Emergo by UL). Chris plays a fundamental part in all of our projects from recruiting the patients and Healthcare Professionals, observing studies and completing data capture. Chris conducts the most stringent recruitment process in the world.


Chris’s passion lies in ensuring that the right patients and healthcare professionals are at the heart of the medical device design process and ensures that all our data are captured correctly ready for data analysis by another member of the team.


Kully (Head of Operations) is a crucial member of the Harvey Medical team! Kully keeps all aspects of Harvey Medical running smoothly, and acts as the first of point of contact for all queries. 


She manages all the resourcing and logistics for studies, as well as the bookings and management of The Hubble, our in-house viewing facility. 


Kully’s focus and dedicated approach underpin Harvey Medical’s success, ensuring that accounting and logistical aspects of business are optimised.  

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